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Mobile Lessons

In person gymnastics, cheerleading, or Ninja Warrior lessons at your home.  All of our Mobile Lessons are uniquely made to challenge, entertain, and inspire young athletes to be the best they can be while successfully accomplishing their goals.

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Online Learning

Go from Zero Experience To A Powerhouse Cheerleader In 30 Days.  This Is Your opportunity to virtually learn the foundation for peak cheerleading performance from home.  Every Lesson Is PACKED with the essentials to make the squad and stay on the squad.


Let’s get kids and families moving!  Acrobatics U is an online and mobile coaching service that teaches the art of movement through various forms of acrobatics.  Join us online to gain the competitive advantage in cheerleading or we'll see you in person for our convenient Mobile Lessons.  

We provide the equipment, lesson plans, instructors, and fun!

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Invisible Obstacles

Learn the secrets to cheerleading and how to beat mental blocks through the colorful journey of a champion coach navigating the rocky waves of a cheer season.

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Acrobatics U Are You Ready To Be A Cheer

Online Learning

Acrobatics U Are You Ready To Be A Cheer

Mobile Lessons

Acrobatics U Are You Ready To Be A Cheer

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