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Go From ZERO Experience To A Powerhouse Cheerleader In Just 30 Days!


Toe Touches, Hurdlers, Herkies, and Pikes

Cheers + Chants

Let's Get Loud and Say It Proud


Cartwheels, Round-Off, Bridge + Kickover, Running Tumbling


Learn Choreography with Music

Making “The Squad” Can Be Tough.

The FIRST Step Isn’t Finding A Coach. It’s Finding The RIGHT Coach.

Coach Courtney Has A Proven Track Record Of Taking Cheerleading Skills To The Next Level At A Fraction Of The Cost At Cheerleading Camps or Private Coaching.

Are You The Right Fit For The Course?


"He is kind, patient and motivating! I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve your skills and build confidence."

- Kimberly J.


Your Success Is Our Success.


His enthusiasm and intentionality in working with my daughter has made everyone in our house a huge fan of Coach Courtney and Acrobatics University!

- Susannah B.