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Go From ZERO Experience To A Powerhouse Cheerleader In Just 30 Days!


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You will learn the foundation for peak cheerleading performance.  Every Lesson Is PACKED with the essentials to make the squad and stay on the squad.



Toe Touches, Hurdlers, Herkies, and Pikes


Cartwheels, Round-Off, Bridge + Kickover, Running Tumbling


Learn to Be Loud and Say It Proud


Choreography From Euphoria with Music

Making “The Squad” Can Be Tough.

The FIRST Step Isn’t Finding A Coach. It’s Finding The RIGHT Coach.

Coach Courtney Has A Proven Track Record Of Taking Cheerleading Skills To The Next Level At A Fraction Of The Cost At Cheerleading Camps or Private Coaching.

Meet Coach Courtney

Are You The Right fit for The Course?


He’s absolutely amazing!

“I am blown away by Coach Courtney, by his expertise. He’s absolutely amazing! He is so knowledgeable and such a professional but somehow manages to teach and explains things to where my daughter was able to understand and I beyond grateful! We’re looking forward to meeting with him again! =)”

– Maribell

. . .  his vast knowledge of his profession shared throughout the training, helped my daughter to relax, enjoy, learn and try. . .

 . .  Coach Courtney faced lesson one with an upbeat attitude and amazing energy. My daughter walked in tired and sulky. But coach stayed very encouraging and upbeat, and his vast knowledge of his profession shared throughout the training, helped my daughter to relax, enjoy, learn and try.”

- Livia

 He’s done wonders with my daughter . . .  

“Coach Courtney IS. FREAKIN. AMAZING! He’s done wonders with my daughter . . .  he has been able to give her skills I don’t think she ever thought she’d have! These were things she was afraid to even try. . .  I’m seeing a new fire in her that wasn’t there before. . .  I don’t know how to thank him enough.”

- Erica


No more expensive private coaches.


Forget long commutes to the gym.


Proven techniques to reach goals! 

Learn The Euphoria Cheer Choreography

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The old 3-step process of transforming into a cheerleader just isn’t attractive anymore . . .

Step 1: Load up the car twice a week for 12 weeks of coaching to prepare for tryouts. Pay about $60 per hour for a private coach at the “gym” (which probably doesn’t smell too good) - bringing the total cost up to about $1,500 . . .

Step 2: Spend roughly 2 hours commuting to and from each coaching session, or about 24 hours total. This means additional money spent on gas and takeout food, while family and homework time are gone.

Step 3: “Hope” the coach is good and has a solid reputation for developing young athletes to reach their full potential.


Instead of Running Ragged Spending Time & Money – and Risking Working with an Unqualified Coach – Picture This Scenario:

A true professional shares his secrets that accelerate learning and skills in acrobatics and cheerleading . . .

He delivers this expertise online, streaming into the comfort of your home over the course of days, not months . . .

Preparing his students for every phase of cheer clinic that gives them a no-stress, worry-free approach because they’re prepared . . .

A future cheerleader emerges victorious with the satisfaction and pride felt by accomplishing a goal . . .

And earns the varsity letter and admiration (and maybe some envy) of their peers at school . . .

That’s the Coach Courtney vision, and his 15 years of coaching experience at multiple gymnastics and cheerleading facilities across the country mean he’s got the pedigree and reputation as a high-caliber instructor.  

Now is the time. Get started TODAY.  In 30 days a new cheerleader will be game-ready.

 It’s never been easier to transform into a powerhouse cheerleader so quickly, so cost-effective, with such phenomenal instruction, all from HOME.



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